Pre-Departure Checklist

Dear Students,
When I was going to France for my Master programme, I have suffered a lot when it comes to arranging the documents, buying and packing the things. It was my first time and there was no one to guide me what to do, what to buy, what to take and what to leave.
To be honest, it was like a mission accomplished for me when I complete my packing. These mess-ups are my lessons to successfully run a project. When you complete your packing, you will learn the importance of time and project management.
I have prepared a checklist which will help the students who are going to study in abroad. I hope.. Here is the link to access the pre-departure checklist sheet:
I have added my overseas student experience as tips below: #MustRead and #WorthSharing


  • Organise your documents neatly
  • Keep your original documents in your hand baggage
  • Passport and Air tickets in your passport wallet
  • If you want to drive in abroad, you have to get International Driving Permit. Once you get your visa, apply for the permit.


  • When it comes to currency, most of the students forget about the Deposit amount for their room stay. It will be minimum of 2 months rent and varies from country to country. Keep this in mind.
  • ~ 1000 euro or dollar in cash is sufficient and rest you can go for prepaid cards like HDFC Prepaid Cards, Thomas Cook Multi-Currency Forex Cards, etc


  • If you already have a smartphone/ laptop/ shirt / cooker, then don't burn your money on buying new smartphone / laptop / shirt / cooker. You can/ should save this money
  • Utensils are the most important things to carry. You are lucky If you have already decided your flatmates in India. You can share the utensils equally
  • Consult a doctor, go for general check up, tell him that you are leaving for abroad for education, he will give the prescription depends on your health and general medicines. Buy the medicines, keep the prescription and medical bills. Doctor prescription is mandatory when you are carrying medicines
  • If you have eye sight problems, take 2 extra power glasses from India. Very expensive over there.
  • Though you are a book worm or avid reader, leave your books at home. Carry a kindle If you want.
  • Notebooks are quite expensive. It's better to buy few notebooks from India
  • Once you pack your stuffs and arrange your documents according to the checklist, you should check the weight of your baggage. In General for an economic class, 30kgs are allowed for checked baggage, 7kgs are allowed for hand baggage. If you are ready to pay for the excessive weight, that's fine. Or else you can leave the least wanted thing at your home and save money.
  • Items such as Oil, Cream, Shampoo, Body Spray, Perfume, Pickles, Pin are not allowed in the hand baggage. Liquids and Semi-liquids are not allowed in hand baggage.

Don't pack till the last moment and you may miss out some important things. Complete all your packing 2 days before your departure.
Learn cooking! Brush up your new language (French for France, English for UK,US) in the two days which will really help you!
Checklist again: http://bit.ly/meetuniversity_predeparture
Voila! Bon Voyage et Bonne Chance!